Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My crafts are beginning to get attention!

Last week, I randomly met someone affiliated with a company that organizes LAN gaming events (LAN = Local Area Network). He explained to me that he wants his company to branch out, that he noticed my crafts, and thought he might want to help me out with promoting and selling it. So we met up a few days later to discuss ideas and show my crafts up close.

I think it went well. From what it sounds like, the company would be willing to give me some space to show off my wares. I would just give them a percentage of the item sales.

This is incredibly exciting for me. I've been doing these crafts first because I was bored, but eventually because I loved being creative and figuring out new and exciting ideas. I think it's awesome that someone is willing to give me the opportunity to see where this will go. To be honest, this is what I wanted to eventually be with these crafts. So... I'll keep you posted on how this goes! If it's not successful, it was a shot.

Wish me luck! <3


Remy Hadley said...

Good luck my dear. <3 I'm sure you'll get an awesome opportunity!

Krista said...

Thank you much, love! <3