Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick days = the real, glamourous life of yours truly

I think going hard up until this point has gone and made me sick. Or perhaps it was John's fault. Either way, I had to take my last two days before school off due to an incurable headache, congestion, and just overall fatigue.

The first day of being sick was boring, to say the least. I spent the day sending in assignments and rescheduling tests and fretting over how I will ask to reschedule my tests from my teachers ("Do I send them an e-mail?" Call?" "This e-mail sounds stupid and lame... what if they don't let me reschedule my exams...?"). After having some encouragement from the people online at the time, I sent some e-mails and got both of my tests deferred. And then I went to sleep for a while.

Today was a little more productive. I did laundry, finished a game that I've been meaning to finish for... about half a year now: Tales of Vesperia. It took all of 20 minutes to do. For an anti-climatic 5 minute ending, I was pretty bummed out. One of the character's-- Yuri-- is pretty dreamy. I knew I would miss him dearly... even if he was a big murderer (I think that's where most of the appeal came from, in all honestly. Just this guy being a hard-ass).

Needs more lensflaire for dreamyness factor.
John suggested I start Final Fantasy 13 next. Pretty valid suggestion, seeing as I bought the game on launch (March 9, 2010), with a collectors edition strategy guide, and have failed to open either yet. And... thankfully for me, I still don't need to open my copy because I just borrowed it from a friend. So I decided to play that.

First impressions:
- Vanille is annoying. This chick can't get her accent straight. What is it? Pick one and go with it.
- Pretty game. Very visually appealing. In fact, so visually appealing that sometimes, I'll catch myself playing around with the camera angles and admiring the detail of the characters, the scenery, etc.
- I've played this game before. It reminds me a lot of... Final Fantasy 10. Hmm...
- ... wait a tic. That voice sounds familiar... Yuri?!

...Yeaah. That's right. I consulted a friend of mine (old co-worker from Gamestop) who confirmed for me that Snow's voice actor is the same as Yuri: Troy Baker. The stars aligned. Fate knew my geek crush and led me to play this game that I had no interest in until boredom called. Ah... I like when things just work out. I like Yuri better though. Snow seems like a ... a person I'm not interested in. Too ... heroic... optimistic... blonde... You know. =P
Still sort of badass... I guess.
Once John got home, we went to play ITG. If I may just suggest to anyone thinking playing ITG while congested and sick: not a good idea. I did some stuff, and I'm still paying for it 4 hours later. Don't even ask me why I'm still awake at 1:30 in the morning. I threw sense and reason out the window way earlier.
This song is long, and I'm lazy. Ugh... woes of a semi-pro ITG player. UGH.
 ...And then passed another 12. That was about the point where I began to die in my chest. Ah... oh well.


Tomorrow (later today, technically), John and I will be celebrating our Valentine's day in the mountains at one of the nicest hotels, the Fairmont Banff Springs. Other than oogling the place, I'm not sure what we'll do in Banff. There's been a rumour for years now that the Banff Springs hotel has a DDR machine. We will confirm or deny this rumour. We may go to the hot springs, as well.
The Fairmont Banff Springs: could very well double as Hogwarts.
Instead of speculating, I will write a post about our adventures after the fact. Sounds good? Good... because now I'm tired...

Until next time!