Side quests (Bucket List)

30 before 30:

1. Run a 10k race
2. Travel to a new country
3. Go skydiving
4. Shave my head for a worthy cause (October 1st, 2014)
5. Donate blood (November 18th, 2014)
6. Get a tattoo (December 31, 2014; still being worked on)
7. Complete a Spartan race
8. Climb a mountain
9. Scuba dive in an ocean
10. Learn to drive a motorcycle
11. Rent a sports car and go on a road trip
12. Complete a triathlon
13. Travel to a convention outside of Canada
14. Bike to Banff from Canmore, and vice versa
15. Learn how to ski or snowboard
16. Volunteer on Christmas or Thanksgiving day
17. Join a recreational sports team
18. Completely fill a Gen 5 Pokedex
19. Learn how to can vegetables or make jam
20. Stay up all night long and watch the sun rise
21. Go on a hot air balloon ride
22. Go paintballing
23. Make a wall art piece for my house
24. Learn how to drive manual transmission
25. Be a part of a flash mob
26. Learn how to hula hoop
27. Learn how to curl (curling)
28. Host a dinner party and make everything myself
29. Make a complete costume all by myself (sewing, armour and weapon building…) (Terra Branford and Battle-Ready Ursula, April 15, 2015)
30. Be published in an academic journal or equivalent