Thursday, March 22, 2012

"My Perfect First Cosplay" blues


Well, as I had mentioned previously, I wanted to make a Dark Phoenix costume for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (CCEE). Last week, I received 2 packages pertaining to my costume: the body suit and the boots. I was excited for both! ... until I tried them on.

I was swimming in the body suit, which was disappointing to say the least. I gave them measurements, weight, and everything. Not only that but I asked for no head attachment and they sent me a suit with the head attached. I was willing to make compromises and fix it myself, but why should I? I wasn't in the wrong... I had ordered it to my specifications and received the wrong item! So, I sent it back... it cost $20 to send it back, and I'm still waiting on word as to whether or not I'll get some of that money compensated. =(

The boots look absolutely fabulous. Unfortunately, my fat calves make it so that I can't zip them up. I tell you, I was so heartbroken. I thought I was making real progress with my weight loss, and even earlier that day commented on how good my legs looked. *Sigh*

... For most of the afternoon, I was on the verge of tears. I felt so bad about myself and disappointed about the situation. Unless I get the suit back in time and lose weight in my calves, I won't be able to do my cosplay for this years' CCEE.

I do want this to be my perfect first cosplay, so I would rather it be right than half-assed and lame. I know this now, thinking logically and not at the peak of my negative emotions. But last week was full of sadness. It probably didn't help that I had 3 tests that week (and another 3 at the beginning of this week). Now that I'm out of the onslaught, I can think a little more reasonably and think a bit more positively. If it doesn't work this year, oh well. Next year will be even better because I'll have time to prepare better, plan better, and a whole year extra of weight loss.

And that, to me, matters more than showing off a nice costume to Stan Lee... *Bites lip* ... there may very well be other opportunities... right?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crafts+ studying + working = busy bee is me

@.@ ......

So... I must apologize for being so quiet lately. I'm just a smidgen exhausted. x.x

I'm doing my second wave of midterms right now. After that, essays are due. I'm also working a lot more, as I realized I don't make a lot of money every month. Working consists of tutoring, crafting, and taking notes for classes for those with various disabilities.

Despite that, I've made a few new awesome crafts that I will be showing off! <3

Mr. Saturn from Earthbound (an RPG for the SNES)
A baby cupcake cell phone charm! Because my cellphone doesn't
have any holes for charms, I put this on my wallet. =)
Pokeball stud earrings!
...and this is how they look!
Space Invader magnets! (These are especially popular with one of my friends.
He keeps buying them from me. I'm not complaining, I guess!)
Dr. Mario viruses. I pulled these from the original Gameboy game design.
Tetris-piece heart commission for a good friend of mine.
He's paying me in homemade chocolate truffles. :o yeah, I reiterate: a bit busy. Mix that with my weekly weight loss video and a bunch of other random social-like things, and you get me... sleep deprived as ever. 

Flattering, I know. But hey, I'm still managing to smile!
I like to think, though, that everything is piecing together nicely. I designed and ordered business cards for my geeky crafts and I received them on Thursday! They look absolutely amazing! I ordered 1000... turns out 1000 is a lot of business cards... so I'll be handing them out like candy to friends, family, people I meet at events, with orders, etc. Besides, they look absolutely so cute and awesome. For those curious, I ordered them from a site called They had a fantastic sale at the time, so with shipping, my order came to only $35. Normally, the 1000 double-sided coloured gloss cards I ordered would cost $99... without shipping.

Needless to say, it was a steal of a deal, and I'm completely satisfied. If I ever run out of these, I will be ordering from them again!

Other than that, there isn't a whole heck of a lot to report. I'm entering a dodgeball tournament with my fellow Club N3rd members at 5pm today. I'll be dressed ridiculously in my hot pink Lululemon tights and my "Come At Me Bro" shirt. I'll try to get pics.

Take care! <3