Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution

I was thinking a lot about DDR over the weekend. It seems as though the only time I get to play this game anymore is whenever I go to Kelowna or Vancouver. Calgary no longer has a DDR "scene" and the machines are unplayable.

I still very much enjoy it, though. I mean... it's how John and I met and fell in love and all that gushy stuff... so I'm always more than happy to go play with him. :3

Specifically, I was thinking about my skill level as a beginner player and how I must have looked to the more advanced players of the time. These thought processes began as I was watching some beginners play with some curiosity. A long time ago, when the game was newer and popular, my friends and I would bring in a lot of attention, even though I wasn't that good. Over the weekend, we did get some attention, too. It made me wonder if I'm still an inspiration for new players.

I actually find it impressive that our skill level has been relatively steady, considering that we haven't played in so long and haven't kept up with playing. I'm happy to find the game still fun.
My score on a non-stop course. Made it on the leader board,
just under my last high score from maybe 4 years ago.
Glad to see I've still 'got it.' =P
John playing an extra stage.
When you get an 'extra stage,' the speed is preset
and the arrows scroll downward as opposed to
upward, as per usual. You can only get an
extra stage if you AA the last song of a set.

But it exhausts me... I can't believe how much it makes me sweat... bleh. =(

I think when John and I buy a bigger house, we'll have our own arcade... we'll have a nice ITG machine (a game similar to DDR) and whatever else he wants. I don't care. I just want DDR... =)