Thursday, January 19, 2012

I miss Skyrim... QQ

I set the backlighting to red when it's Dragon Killing Time.
You don't need to tell me how awesome I am. I know.
So it's week 2 into the semester and I started to miss my beloved Skyrim before I even went back to school. I knew it would turn out like this... and I know, in my heart, it's for the best that I'm not playing Skyrim while in school, but my heart aches for it.

It's really awkward.

It's not that I have an addiction to it or anything. Actually, I don't get really 'addicted' to video games. It shows in the fact that I don't think about playing while at home, alone, studying. But I just feel that during those 3 weeks of my break, we built something special between us, my character and I. We killed so many dragons together. The last battle we had before school was that I killed 2 giants and a mammoth, single-handedly...

I was level 31.


At least at school I get some geeking in. I'm meeting with some friends later to play MTG (Magic: The Gathering) and I bring my 3DS to school and chip away at LoZ: Ocarina of Time. I'm more excited about StreetPass and collecting puzzle pieces and doing that little adventure game, Find Mii. Simple pleasures... simple pleasures. =P

And in my defense, it's a quick fix before getting back to business. Nya!



Pete & Nicky said...

I have a relationship with my wood elf. It's okay, we understand you.

Krista said...

That's brilliant! I feel a little less insane. Thank you! <3